The Gulf Coast beaches seem to hog the spotlight, but the area actually has a vast and active freshwater culture to explore.  Camping, fishing, hiking and sight seeing, you will never be board in the well kept state forest parks.

With several military bases in the area, Pensacola enjoys some perks.  With military museums, lighthouse sanctuaries…and don’t forget the world-renown BLUE ANGELS shows.   You may even  catch them practicing with our beautiful horizon as their backdrop.

Did you know that the Gulf Coast has some of the oldest settlements in the country.  Explore the Spanish forts that protected this area centuries ago.   Rich in history and culture, your stay in Pensacola will be one you never forget.

slider7Sports lovers will be well entertained.  Pensacola is home to the Blue Wahoos baseball team and brand new stadium.  And if hockey is your thing…we even have a hockey team of our own–the Pensacola Ice Flyers.  Year-round, things are always going in Pensacola.

And of course…we have the world famous Emerald Coast to take in.  Serene, beautiful and colorful, you will not be disappointed.  Plenty of sun, shopping, nightlife, family-friendly activities and sightseeing…you can stay as busy or as relaxed as you desire.  PLUS, Pensacola is just the hub for several internationally recognized vacation spots on the gulf coast: